Hello everyone.

This is Vlad Teichberg. I am one of # ElDragon6, 6 people who were sued by El Dragon International School in Madrid for talking about our experiences and sharing stories of others.

I believe that with all the stories that are from different platforms, we need a central place to organize all the information and present all relevant documents to the public.  Also I want to create a way where people can easy tell their stories anonymously.  

El Dragon promotes itself as a Democratic School, but engages in very undemocratic behavior. Part of that is threatening parents and teachers who have left school with legal demands if they talk about what happened there, and now they are tracking those threats. This is a blatant attempt to scare others so they do not speak, and also to silence those who are already speaking.

Democracy can only exist in the context of transparency
Democracy can only exist when people are free to talk and share their ideas.

Institutions that abuse their institutional power to try to suppress this free exchange of opinions and ideas must be exposed, boycotted and investigated.

This site attempts to republish the public stories about the school in one location, as well as provide documentation to the narratives, so that others are aware of what is happening in this school before enrolling their children there and fall into the trap my family and many others have fallen into.