Document 8 – Vlad Teichbergs Facebook posts

Vlad Teichberg posted on April 5 on facebook proof that El Dragon is deleting reviews, and also a very intersting response to a fb of Myriam Varella

Text of Post:

Nazi Salutes, Censorship, Retalilation against kids North Korea Style – welcome to Democracy in El Dragón, International School

Since 2 familes went public yesterday regarding the abuses at the school, members of administrative staff of el dragon have

Went into parent chats and called us liars and claimed we defamed them

Went on medium and commented on my story that everything that I said is a lie, but refused to name any specific inaccuracy in my story. Threatened me with a lawsuit in same comment

Threatened another parent who posted a negative fb review with a lawsuit and then sanitized their fb reviews deleting all negative ones.


my original post re El Dragon:

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Translation of El Dragon response to review of Myriam Varela:

The Dragon, International School Man, Myriam, of course, you were missing. How do you like thick and bitter sauces? We thought we would see you in another place much more given to justice and truthfulness than the reviews in social networks. But you have not been able to contain yourself, knowing yourself is understood. It’s funny your comment, especially about losing money. False comments? Can you please tell which ones are false? You can not, right? Because there are not. Like so many other things that you have left in writing and that will be clarified and will have, let us hope, its just consequences. You like too much to leave written lies. It’s not good business. Workers and family? Yes, several, some of them both together and, in addition, all of us who have written our reviews have done it with knowledge of the cause, either by working in the school (having that luck that other people do not have, we are sorry) or having children, nephews or grandchildren at school. Therefore, whether we are workers or are families of workers, does not discredit any testimony at all, just the opposite. The testimony that is not valid is yours, but that only you and we know, whoever reads this will not know. For the moment … What a pity, girl, really, that attraction of yours with which you do so much harm dragging innocent beings. Really, we hope that you and your gang of haters (to put it mildly) reach the formal conclusions very soon. Until then, please, we are busy working for a better world for all people, except three, who have written our testimonies, for 25 workers and for 120 more families. Well, please, do not enter our house with so dirty feet. Respect us all, we are many and we are very happy.