El Dragon vs #ElDragon6 Document 2 – Message of Eva Caballero to El Dragon Chat

Document 2 is Eva Caballeros message that she sent to the El Dragon Families chat on April 4, 2018 

Good morning everybody, 

We inform you that we have taken Valentina out of Dragon School, for the following events:

Due to what happened last March 16 on the bus. When 3 children, two of them 9 and 8 years old, invade the intimate space of 3 and 5 year old girls according to my daughter’s testimony.

Having informed the school how my daughter lived this experience and the possibility that a 9-year-old child could have touched the private parts of a 3-year-old girl and that this is not the first time they have invaded her space on the route.

Without naming the lack of empathy on the part of Nora (teacher in charge that day on the route). This teacher was unable to mention that there had been several incidents leading up to that day, there was not even an attempt to communicate to say that the school would contact the parents later.

This situation of disregard and lack of information (almost secrecy) with parents had already happened before with this same teacher who sometimes accompanies the children on the route.

In this other event, which happened at the school gate, where the children saw a violent scene, causing them to be quite affected and get off the bus crying disconsolately without being able to talk. This teacher in question, with a lack of empathy (for us, tremendous) was not able to give a single explanation to the parents, was not able to get off the bus to say at least that the school would get in touch to explain what happened.

It should be noted that on that day some children on the route were left alone observing this violent situation because the teachers were very concerned recording this episode leaving these children without support when it was their responsibility.

It seems to us the least perverted that the direction of the school and the teachers who knew in advance that this event had high possibilities of happening, have exposed so many children to see this situation, again without warning the parents of the school and leaving alone the only ones children who were their responsibility since the rest of the children were with their parents.

Is there a personal interest in all this? Or does it just seem like it to us? It is here that we ask ourselves: where is the role of the school in all this? Where are the adults on the route right now? Is this lack of empathy a characteristic of this institution? What measures have not been taken to get there? to this kind of situations?

The school behaved regarding these events as follows:

After calling some parents of the route (not all affected) to a meeting to discuss this issue. Staff members of the school (Mayte and Rubén) keep us in a room talking to us in a very unpleasant tone despite having warned that we were late and having informed the school about the possibility that they had touched the private parts of a girl The bus. 
They not only hold us against our will, they also try not to let us go to the meeting to give our testimony. After insisting and having to threaten to let us enter, we managed to join the meeting. 
In the course of the meeting the director says a few things that are not true and later in the meeting DragonFly comments publicly, as parents have broken into the office to enter a very nice meeting he had with other parents (referring to the meeting of the bus that was previous to this one). 
This was a manipulation to all parents by Barbara and the school staff. 
Nice meeting? pretty for her that in her “professional” posture could manipulate the mentioned concepts.

Did the school take into account my daughter’s version? What would you do as parents if your daughter tells you that her friend tells her that an 8-year-old child touched her private parts?

At the meeting it was concluded that they were children’s games, it is more insinuated that it was my daughter who had a problem by consensus of the director Barbara and her supposed “professional” opinion. (We would love to see her degree as an educational psychologist since behind that expert posture several concepts falter).

On the other hand there were many lies such as: “I interviewed all the children except Valentina”, which is not true. 
With the consensus of the other parents, at all times justified this invasion of space, we insist, produced by older children (8 and 9 years) on children DragonFly (3 and 5 years).

Why does this school justify and perpetuate the invasion of the space of the elderly over the little ones? Not to mention another similar incident that this same girl had on the bus days ago.

The justification that Barbara exposes, is that the children of Dragonfly are in the stage kaka culo piss, and are touching each other continuously. Barbara forgot that the children who invaded the space were Dragon’s older children on Dragonfly smaller. Here is a concrete fact and is that the school has the obligation and duty to give a space of safety to all children, preventing older children from invading the space of the smallest. They also have the responsibility to have the adults needed to handle this type of situation and of course inform the parents. We are only named two facts that we consider serious, but during these six months we have been in the school year there have been more episodes that demonstrate in one way or another the lack of management on the part of those responsible.

We can accept that mistakes are made, but the arrogance of this school is extreme, secrecy, lack of information and dealing with parents is negligible. This is not a democratic value, nor freeing younger children. That, in my opinion, is to perpetuate the domination of the strongest over the weakest and this is not only for the children, but also for the treatment with which this institution treats some parents, as if they were above them, humiliating and threatening.

Why does Barbara, without having interviewed my daughter or other children on the bus, conclude that we have scared Valentina? Do you say it because you are a witness and give voice to a fact told by your friend and to get to feel very uncomfortable that was the next to be touched ?.

We have contrasted some concepts with other professionals and their arguments do not convince us. Why does Samuel, supporting Barbara, say that my daughter is emotionally unstable, describing her as if Valentina had high abilities and not emotional functionality? I wonder if both are qualified to give these affirmations.

She also asked Blake the tutor if she confirms Samuel’s analysis. For all of the above, we hold this school fully responsible. We find it shameful and very far from the ethics of the profession and respect for the civic rights of children.

It is also shameful their consensus based on lies, since I never interviewed all the children as Barbara stated, and the bad manners with which they treated me and my husband, before and during the meeting, in order to discredit us and make us uncomfortable and manipulate the process when we were going to give testimony about the incident to the other parents.

I wonder then if there is manipulation in these interactions with the parents, what manipulation will they do with our children? In the JC for example, we were never formally introduced by the school yet asking several staff members to submit it to Dragonfly, as it is a process that requires qualified personnel, and above all it has to be ethical, without value judgments , and without manipulation.

Despite the request to present the JC process, as of today, it has not been presented to the Dragonfly parents. Those of you who have children in Dragons, do your children live in JC without trial? At the end of the meeting with the parents of the route, Barbara Serrano, director of this “democratic school”, says goodbye to my husband of Jewish descent with the Nazi greeting.

It is curious that Barbara was excused that she did it because we call her “dictator” (argument that is not entirely real). My husband only asked Alice (in a meeting that we had asked Barbara but she did not give it to us), that if this democratic school had a leader who decides on all things, even in the JC, (as Alice told us in the meeting ) how they implement the JC process, which represents so many doubts, that they do not present the parents of DragonFly as a continuous process in primary and secondary. Process of resolution of conflicts through the constant complaints of children, as Samuel taught us the envelopes full of them, and implanted by teachers who have nothing to do with the subject. So much so, that they can get a child who is focused on their class through a JC process.

When we think of the word dictator, we rather remember Franco not Hitler precisely. Anyway, that a director of a democratic school “does the Nazi greeting to a father of the school with Jewish ancestry seems to us a very serious act and very contrary to the antibullyng philosophy that so preaches this school.

For us it is also bullyng to laugh at the questions that the parents say they do “anonymously”. For us and also for the supposed philosophy of this school, all opinions enrich and we all have the right to think differently. We also find it shameful that this meeting will focus only on that and not on the evolution of our children, what follow-ups they have done, who are working, etc. Is there a real follow-up with our children or is this more like a play space?

Do they really accompany their concerns? Another question we have for primary, with all those wonderful materials that Do they have these facilities, what do your children do in mathematics and language? For our part we have not paid for our daughter in the future to make chips and not to be judged constantly.

Santiaguito’s parents of 3 years, also asked Alice and Juan what kind of democratic school it was, if this was a dictatorship. The day after our meeting the school informs them that Santiaguito does not return to school next year, having paid the tuition.

In February we witnessed that Teresa’s children did not have a school in the middle of the year because they take away the scholarship after dismissing her mother, in March we have witnessed Santiaguito remove the tuition that had already paid for next year , Santiaguito can not come to Dragonfly next year even if he wants to, why does the school say they dont have a good relationship with parents?

Do you as parents feel welcomed by the school?

Having researched through testimonies of other ex Dragon school families, All the incidents that other years have happened have come true again. As the departure of many children from school in the middle of the school year, by repression against parents who question their educational model or their aggressive ways towards parents and teachers, being something very normal to dismiss teachers every year, leaving many parents with many doubts about the ethics of this school and the strength of the educational project.

The parents that you are since the beginning of the Dragon, do you think that this is very far from reality? I wonder how those parents feel that they have doubts and have to use “anonymous” channels to ask Barbara Serrano the Director questions that they would have to be communicated as a natural school process. I also wonder how parents feel they pay for a Humanist School, but you realize that it is a company that threatens lawyers to remain silent?

I wonder how parents feel when they are told they will not report anything that happens in school, and also that it is a Democratic school only for the children and not for the parents? In my opinion we can be free but being educated with an accompaniment, because without education there is no freedom, and without freedom the Democracy does not exist.

I wonder how the parents of this school feel when they know that their director Barbara Serrano confuses Dictatorship with Nazism, and provokes a Jewish father with the greeting of Hitler in front of the other teachers and parents of the school? In social networks you figure as NGOs and for parents as a company, are you NGO or company? If you are an NGO where your public accounts are, do I wonder how the parents feel when they witness Barbara Serrano’s attack on Santiaguito’s parents at the Dragonfly meeting and are unable to defend and support them at that time? What if … if they exist if there are snakes in the area have they laughed at these parents because of ignorance of this information or because it is not convenient to accept this information?

The funny thing is that previous years they published on facebook very proud that there were snakes in the area and that the students of this school analyzed them in the laboratory. In the DF meeting have these parents laughed because of ignorance of this information or because it is not convenient for them to accept this information? Is this a Democratic School? For us and not many, and that’s why we’re leaving as many more families have done each year at Dragon School.