Whats-App Messages between Vlad Teichberg and a parent present at the #NaziSalute meeting


Vlad: Hi this is Vlad.  Yesterday I had to basically stop the meeting when barbabra did the seig heil salute.  In my 6 years in span this was my first anti Semitic incident and to have it come from the director of democracy school was beyond shocking
ElDragon Parent: I definitely get your point Vlad.  Spanish people are much more relaxed about many things they definitely wouldn’t call raising your arm as an Semitic incident. Non of the parents sees what happened in the bus as sexual abuse due to the age of all the children involved
The communication yesterday was very difficult and as Barbara said, her English is not very good
She never said something was wrong with your daughter. What I understood is that she has more information about what sexual abuse is, than what she can handle emotionally
Vlad: I am Jewish and more than half my family in 1940 were in hitlets ghettos and death camps and were exterminated. My last name is Teichberg so barbaba knew quite well that I am jewish
Regarding whether it was sexual abuse or not is up to debate but what is beyond debate that on the bus consent was violated Repeatedly and many times
So I feel the only way to resolve this at this point is to have an independent psychologist investigate what happened
ElDragon Parent: I’m sorry to hear that, Vlad. I was brought up in XXXXXXX and when I moved to Spain I was shocked to see there approach to what happened during the second world was. In that context yesterday even I would’t see it as clumsy and not as offensive. What she seamed to try to transmit was her feeling offended that you had called her a dictator
Anyway, why dont you tell them your point of view and see if they agree to your proposal